Business Law

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What is it?

Business law encompasses an array of issues, like the creation of a new business or specific industry concerns regarding customers, suppliers, or the government.  Business law draws on a variety of legal disciplines, including tax law, risk management, intellectual property, real estate, sales, employment law, bankruptcy, and others.  Alliance Law & Counseling is here to help you sort through the noise and find the right solution for your business.

Why use Alliance?

We provide valuable insight based on our legal training, our network of skilled professionals, and the objective nature of our analysis.  An independent examination of the business often highlights underlying issues and solutions sometimes overlooked by individuals who are emotionally and financially invested in the business.  Our firm’s goal is to make your life simpler.  We can provide solutions that protect your company, we can assist in clarifying policy, and we can minimize your exposure to litigation.

Formation of a Business

  • Deciding to start a new business is an exciting time. At Alliance Law & Counseling, we love working with entrepreneurs as they begin their new enterprises.  One of the most important decisions budding business owners face is determining under what type of structure their business should operate.
  • There are various ways to legally form a new business. When choosing the business structure, common concerns include: the personal liability protection of the owners, tax consequences, ease of administration, management structure, and the rights of the owners.
  • The differing structures, including a sole proprietorship, partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC), non-profit, C-Corp, or S-Corp, each has its own pros and cons. Alliance Law & Counseling will help you weigh your options and select the best structure that fits your needs and goals.

Business Continuation Planning

  • Business Continuation Planning (also known as Business Succession Planning) is simply the systematic process of transitioning the ownership of a business from the current ownership to the future ownership. Having a plan in place is critical to the long-term success of a business because eventually all owners, voluntarily or involuntarily, leave their business.
  • We work with you to determine your objectives and develop a plan for the optimal transition of your ownership interests. This may involve transitions to family members, key employees, or outside third parties.
  • A complete succession strategy also considers the disability, retirement, and exit of an owner as well as considerations that occur in an owner’s personal life such as divorce, bankruptcy, or issues that may affect other owners in the business.
  • If you own a business and do not have a succession plan in place, it is time to take action. Failure to do so can result in devastating tax consequences, and the unnecessary burden and uncertainty for your family, your business associates, and your employees.
  • Alliance Law & Counseling will help you to get organized, analyze your situation, and find the right strategy for your business. When you implement a Business Succession Plan you are taking control and protecting your legacy.